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  • Provide thoughtful leadership and strategic focus to grow the beer category and facilitate the commercial success of Canada’s brewers


  • Beer is a celebrated part of Canada’s culture and brewers operate in a healthy regulatory environment


  • Beer can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Beer is an integral part of Canadian culture and heritage
  • Beer is an agricultural food product that generates significant economic dividends
  • Beer complements food
  • Beer is the alcohol beverage of moderation


  • Be professional in all that you do
  • Continuously seek ways to improve
  • Plan well, execute brilliantly
  • Be transparent



  1. Members aligned on the key performance objectives for the beer category in terms of lifestyle and health awareness, responsible use program outcomes, per capita volume growth, tax and regulatory competitiveness.
  2. The Association is the source of market intelligence for the beer category and the knowledge centre on the brewing industry’s regulatory environment.
  3. The Association is the recognized national voice for the beer category in Canada.


  1. The Board of Directors is committed to the Association’s strategic plan.
  2. The Association is connected to members, all Canadian brewers, elected officials, government officials, category stakeholders and all Canadians.
  3. The industry is united in thought purpose and action.


  1. The Association is a professional and purpose driven organization with the capacity and resources to execute the strategy.
  2. The Association is the recognized leader for industry risk management.
  3. The Association has the capacity to lead innovation objectives and promote the beer category.