Research & Knowledge Exchange

Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

TIRF is the acknowledged leader in road safety research. Its mission is to reduce traffic related deaths and injuries. Beer Canada partners with TIRF to maintain an up-to-date understanding of drink-drive statistics and to develop research-based programs targeted at reducing the incidence of drinking and driving. Beer Canada has purchased more than $1 million in research and programming from TIRF since the mid-1990s.

National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee (NASAC)

Beer Canada accepted the invitation to work with a wide range of stakeholders that included representatives from federal, provincial and territorial governments, addictions agencies and non-governmental organizations on a comprehensive strategy that recognizes the respective roles of all the players in addressing alcohol-related harm. General consensus on the strategy was achieved in 2007 and Beer Canada, as a member of NASAC, continues to be engaged in the implementation of the recommendations identified in the strategy.