Kichesippi Beer Co.

866 Campbell Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 1J4

Phone: 613-728-7845

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Member's Story

Craft brewed in Ottawa, Kichesippi Beer is a family owned business. Kichesippi is a word meaning "The Great River". Prior to 1855, when the City of Ottawa was founded, the Ottawa River was known as the Kichesippi.  The river has consistently been an integral part of the history of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.experiences.

Kichesippi have been involved with the beer industry since 1995 in many different capacities. Working with breweries in Halifax, Toronto and Guelph introduced them to an array of beers from around the world. Everything from British Columbia craft beer, to brands from Belgium, Germany and Japan; have fuelled Kichesippi's passion for great beer.