Fort Garry Brewing Company Ltd.

130 Lowson Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 2H8

Phone: (204) 487-3678
Fax: (204) 487-0839

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Member's Story

In 1930, Fort Garry Brewing Company was established by B.W. Hoeschen. At that time, the company produced two brands which included: Frontier Beer and Frontier Stout. In 1960, Fort Garry Brewing was sold to Molson and in June of 1961 the name of the brewery was incorporated as Molson’s Fort Garry Brewery Ltd. Thirty years later Molson merged with Carling- O’Keefe and they closed the facility that was once called Fort Garry Brewing.

In 1994, Richard Hoeschen, great- great grandson of the original owner and president, John Hoeschen Sr., resurrected the brewery under the original Fort Garry name. In addition to resurrecting the “Frontier Pilsener” brand, he introduced a family of full- flavoured beers into the market and people loved them. To keep up with growing demand, Hoeschen moved the brewery to a new 25,000 square foot facility to house new equipment and poise the brewery for future growth. Sadly, Richard Hoeschen passed away in September 2002 of Hodgkin’s disease. Under his leadership, Fort Garry had become a popular household brand name in Manitoba.

In 2006, while in Winnipeg, Andrew Harris, President of Russell Brewing in BC, sampled his first taste of Fort Garry Dark and fell in love with the beer. Captivated by the quality of the product and the enormous pride that Manitobans had in this beer, Andrew saw a similarity between Fort Garry in MB and Russell Brewing in BC. One year later Fort Garry Brewing amalgamated with Russell Brewing Company with the goal of building on the legacy of the original Fort Garry brewery by instilling the passion originally brought to the brewery by the Hoeschen family.