Cassel Brewery Company Ltd.

715-C rue Principale
Casselman, Ontario
K0A 1M0

Phone: (613) 764-2204
Fax:  (613) 764-0182

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Member's Story

Built on a dream and fueled by passion, Cassel Brewery is a vision Mario Bourgeois got back in 2000 when he started brewing with beer kits. Seven years later he decided to take on the challenge of brewing beer from scratch and built his own brewing system based on one he saw on the internet. He built his own recipes and began to follow the process of a commercial brewery. It didn’t take long until passion set in and the dream to later become a commercial microbrewery in Casselman intensified with each brew.

Being a successful entrepreneur already, Mario decided it was time to add a heart to his brewery dream and approached Michel Racine to design a logo for Cassel Brewery. What Michel presented is the logo you see today, it was the exact logo Mario was looking for. Coincidently, the train used to design the logo is the train that was running on Casselman railroad tracks right in the backyard of Mario's home today! Things happen for a reason!

Branding is a major factor in any successful brewery, so Mario invited Michel to join him as a co-owner to take care of the branding, digital design and marketing.

It’s pretty much impossible to build and run a microbrewery alone, it’s the type of business that requires a solid team of various skills. Cassel Brewery to this point had a brewer and a marketing guy, what about sales and finance? This is when Benjamin Bercier came in the picture. At first Benjamin wanted to taste Mario’s beer, so he did by heading to his place. After multiple meetings, Mario realized that Benjamin was the missing team member to start up Cassel Brewery. He invited him to join him as a co-owner along with Michel, and Benjamin did not hesitate a second!

The planning and preparation for the opening of Cassel Brewery kept going until they finally found a place to establish the brewery - behind Casselman Bowling. It was the perfect location in parallel to their railroad history theme. The build started on February 1st, 2012 and the opening was on July 14th, 2012. 

Cassel Brewery's mission is to be renowned on the Ontario market for offering pleasant quality beers to consumers while featuring a unique signature of natural flavours.