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Data Services

Launched in 2015, Beer Canada’s value-add Industry Data Share service is the first of its kind in Canada. It is dedicated to gaining market insight for Canadian brewers and allows participants to access enhanced sales details of up to SKU-level data by type-of-sale for the month prior on a monthly basis.

In 2017, Beer Canada launched an extension to the service, the Media Spend Industry Data Share. Participants commit to share monthly media spend data by brand, channel and province. This approach to data sharing helps participants understand each of their brand's regional share of voice, which can help guide future strategic media choices and levels of regional media presence, as a means to fuel desired brand growth.

Our latest data service, the Non-Alcoholic Industry Data Share, provides participants insight into the growing non-alcohol segment of the beer market by allowing them to share their non-alcoholic beer volume shipments by brand and package type/size. 

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